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A little child came into being composed of high energies. It looked like a cloud of sparkling known and unknown colours.
Drifting between the stars it grew up over a long period.

One day there was a feeling of a disharmonic field.
Inquisitiveness and the wish to learn were victorious over meditations about transcendency, and entering the planet at the northern side there was a shining nearly over the whole globe.

Many natives were blocking the light and therefore despoiling the creation and hurting each other.
But the being also caused an astonishing behaviour: whenever it touched a person there were two possible reactions.
Some felt inspired and turned towards God;
Others were destroying all in their range.

And another thing happened: the being wasn't able to leave the planet's influence anymore.
That's the reason why it's always in the spere called 'Earth', sometimes incarnating and sometimes inspiring through heart and mind.

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